Yogashakti Missions

are non-profit organizations established worldwide by H. H. Ma Yoga Shakti Saraswati to teach the essence of yoga, meditation, and spirituality to all those who seek guidance.

Our motto is:

Truth is our Religion, Service is our Worship,
Knowledge is our Breath World is our Family,
Yoga and Meditation is our Way.

There are centers in New York, Palm Bay - Florida, London - U. K., Mumbai - New Delhi - Chennai - Haridwar, India. Each center has classes in yoga, meditation, scriptural studies, satsang, and religious functions. Mataji - Ma Yoga Shakti travels between the centers and may be reached at the centers.

Ma Yoga Shakti
Pujya Mataji - May 29th 2011
Photo by Rebecca Pujals-Jones

This month's inspirational message by Ma Yoga Shakti is:

The Two sides of the coin of Success

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For more information please contact the center nearest you directly. or e-mail us at New York or in Florida

Surya Namaskar

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