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The Yoga Shakti Mission, Palm Bay Ashram is a paradise created by Mataji (Ma Yoga Shakti) on twenty acres of pinewoods in the St. John's River basin. Everyone who enters the driveway through the pine-trees immediately feels peace and joy.The temple dedicated to Divine Mother Durga is housed in a beautiful wooden building constructed by loving devotees under the inspiration and guidance of Mataji. Its purified vibrations also provide a venue for Mataji's satsangs and lectures as well as regular hatha yoga classes and Sunshine Lectures on Sunday mornings.

The whole Ashram is imbued with the purified vibrations of Mataji's presence and the whole place is her inspired creation. Visitors remark on the extraordinary beauty of the place. There are pine-trees, oaks and several lakes and at the center is the abode of Mataji and the shrine of Divine Mother Durga. The Temple is always open in daylight hours for devotees who wish to pray or meditate in the sacred silence.

Nearby is the guesthouse where seekers may stay on an individual or group basis. Simple but comfortable rooms are available for those who wish to stay a night or two. When Mataji is in residence weekend retreats are held with a full program of classes, meditation and vegetarian meals. These retreats offer a rare opportunity to study at the feet of a Master.

Hatha yoga classes are held morning and evening, inspirational lectures are given on Sunday mornings; vegetarian lunches are served monthly, Daily aarti (prayers) is conducted at 6.30 AM and PM. Once a month we have bhajan-kirtans.

Since it was founded in 1979 the center has continued as an oasis of peace and enlightenment thanks to Mataji's love and guidance and the many devotees throughout the years who have donated money, time or loving service.
All are welcome to visit, meditate in the temple, join the classes or spend a weekend in a sacred and peaceful setting dedicated to Divine Mother.

Contact Information

Phone - (321) 725 4024
Email - yogashaktipalmbay@gmail.com
Address -
Yogashakti Mission
3895 Hield Rd N.W.
Palm Bay FL 32907

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