New Year Retreat with Ma Mokshapriya Shakti

December 29th - 31st 2017

Ma Moksha Priya Shakti, Acharya of Ma Yogashakti International Mission in New York city will conduct this retreat on the topic of Wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita: The teachings of Gita apply to every moment of our existence. We want a "user friendly" Gita. She is a dynamic teacher with 40 years of experience in teaching Yoga. Come listen to her wisdom

Spend a weekend in the wooded seclusion of Yogashakti Mission, Palm Bay, Florida. This Ashram was created by Ma Yogashakti and is purified and energized by her. Learn meditation; take part in three Hatha Yoga classes; learn deep relaxation. Accommodation is shared or you may prefer to bring a tent, or sleep in the beautiful screened pavilion.

Some reviews of sleeping in the "Screened pavilion" during the Memorial Day Retreat in May 2015.

"At Yogashakti Mission there is a tremendous screenhouse like pagoda with carpets and a tall wooden pointed ceiling. It is like sleeping in a cathedral open to the breeze and swaying pines. Much cooler than I imagined, bug free, and I had plenty of restful slumber" - Laura
"The Pavilion is very large, screen-enclosed with large carpets. The high ceiling makes the whole area very breezy and cool, even in the summer. Lights go out at 9pm and everything is quiet and peaceful." - Barbara

Sunshine Lecture during retreat with Mataji in Florida - May 2011
Photo taken May 29th 2011