Satya Narayana Vrata Katha


Satya Narayana Vrata Katha
Rendered into English by Ma Yoga Shakti

Out of Print

This is a story of psychic faith. It relates how in India people build their psychic faith and employ it for their welfare. Psychic faith is beyond reasoning. It is more powerful than the intellect. It is like an inner chord when touched things happen without any effort. Psychic laws and energy can do things for you when you have faith.

The story speaks of a very popular practice in India, a practice which is so popular that many people are not even conscious of it. It is as popular as Arati. This practice is the worship of God, Lord Shree, SATYA NARAYAN, which is done on every full moon day. NARAYAN is a name of VISHNU and SATYA means truth. So Lord SATYA is the Lord of the truth. The PUJA (worship) is very simple, but the emotions are great. It is done before or after examinations, marriage, childbirth, any occasion of joy or at the end of a problem. From an unseen source you receive power. This is Psychic faith.

When the faith is inside you, you accept the world instead of resisting it. The easiest and safest way to live in the world is to have faith in God. Believe “Yes, God will protect me” and it will help. I know this from my personal experiences too. There are great psychical laws, which are difficult for the human mind to understand. Such Kathas (Stories) are not for criticisms they are for preparing your psychic structure. Normally this story is read in Sanskrit or Hindi, here it is for the first time available in English. This story of Satya Narayan is a part of SKANDA PURANA (REVA KHANDA). .