Techniques of Meditation


Techniques of Meditation to Enhance Mind Power
by Ma Yoga Shakti

Whether you have never meditated before or have been practicing for years, Techniques of Meditation provides the guidelines and hints to set your practices on the track to the inner Self.

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Softcover, 5 by 8 inches ..180 pages

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Book Review
Mental Modifications

Have you ever tried to meditate, (experienced or not) and the mind tries to run away? In the book, Techniques of Meditation, To enhance Mind Power, the author offers so many different techniques that one of them is bound to catch the roaming mind.

Finally, a book that is practical but traditional. It is obvious that the author, Ma Yoga Shakti, is writing from experience. As one reads, it is almost like getting personal instruction. All the different practices of meditation are ancient yogic techniques.

After a brief introduction of a technique the reader is urged to practice as if in a class. "Sit in perfect posture……….Keep spine straight and eyes closed. Silently observe the thoughts with full attention. Imagine that you are a witness and go on studying the mental modifications." The first chapter alone offers 18 different ways to meditate. Every reader is bound to find at least a couple techniques that they might wish to explore.

The second chapter is the jewel of the book. It explains the ancient secret practice of ajapa-japa in great detail. Again the reader is requested: "Sit in perfect posture…………" The book is aimed to get the reader to practice, and to experience and understand, rather than theory. Unlike the first chapter, in the second chapter each technique builds on the other. It is a progressive learning process. If one follows these six stages in order and with practice, it will reveal the simplicity and power of this technique of ajapa-japa.

The third chapter called the "Ultimate Reality" explains different yogic philosophies such as: "The Three planes of Consciousness" and "What is the Soul?" The last chapter gives detailed information and instructions on how to meditate on the seven plexuses of Kundalini.

So many books are written on meditation. But none are so dramatically practical as this one. It is such an ethereal topic, yet it has such simple explanations. But most of all, the way it is written urges the reader to try the techniques. And with that they experience what Ma Yoga Shakti is explaining.