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Yogashakti Mission

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Unify Body, Mind and Soul

Yogashakti Missions

are non-profit organizations established worldwide by H. H. Ma Yoga Shakti Saraswati to teach the essence of yoga, meditation, and spirituality to all those who seek guidance.

Ma Yoga Shakti, Mataji, or revered Mother as devotees affectionately know her was completely devoted to public service and an ardent champion of women’s rights. Her deep conviction and belief for people to practice all four aspects of yoga – raja, bhakti, karma and gyan, and integrated them within their daily lives, compelled Mataji to established ashrams in Mumbai, New Delhi, Haridwar and Chennai in India and in London, New York and Florida.

Through deep devotion to God, strong determination, single-mindedness and constant tapas Mataji has been able to accomplish so much. Not only are her spiritual and material accomplishments enormous, but more importantly she has personally touched transformed, and elevated countless lives. She was truly a loving Mother who showered her blessings on all that came to her. She left her physical body February 20, 2015 and attained Maha Samadhi.


Truth is our Religion
Service is our Worship
 Knowledge is our Breath
World is our Family
Yoga and Meditation is our Way

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A Message on Peace

Doesn’t peace include power, bliss, knowledge, and liberation? Dear Soul, why not look for that peace which can bring you all the four? No doubt peace is incarnate in a solitary forest. Where there’s no-one to speak to one is compelled to embrace peace. But if noise and unrest abound and yet the mind is calm and peaceful, this is known as the “Peace Real.”

The Uses of Adversity

 One saint wrote: “Welcome all the unhappiness because it reminds us all the time of the nearness and existence of God. We know that we have no help except God. If I have luxury but it is taking me away from the Lord, I do not want that kind of luxury.”


The goal of everyone is the same but we name it differently.  We are heading towards one goal of peace, happiness or knowledge.  Ancient people set a norm that one must seek four things in life – ayu, vidya, dhanam and yasham or kirti.  These are good guidelines for living. 


Body-based Yoga means aiming at the communion with God through physical discipline.  Yoga is for all.  It starts it’s experiments on the grossest from the physical body and it’s base.  Through the discipline of the mind it cultures the spiritual personality of man.