A Garland of Pearls of Wisdom

Sorrows are a test of our ability. The Hindi proverb says “Dash your happiness against a wall if it makes you forget your Creator and your own Self . Garland the sorrow which makes you aware of your own Self.” Remember the Saints and Sages of the whole world. Pay homage to all people of the world. Include everyone. No-one must be left out.

Sannyas (renunciation) means that if you don’t possess anything , all belongs to you. When you hold water in your hand, how many drops can you hold? Put your hand into the water. It all belongs to you. Words and sounds are indestructible. Sanskrit is called an Akshar Mala ,an indestructible mala (garland) of sound. Words can recharge our batteries. They can always bring us back if we have lost our track. Without a name we do not know ourselves. Don’t hate anything because knowledge comes by comparison. All are measures. With this I can measure good and bad.

We have a loving family throughout the world. Learn to appreciate. If you find fault with everyone you will have no place to live because you are finding fault with your own self. The whole body is a laboratory. Every place is for experiments of consciousness. Sin and virtues are relative. They change from time to time and from country to country. Nothing is static. Everything grows and improves.

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