A Recipe For Happiness

“Kam khao, gain khao” is a Hindi saying that I love. It means, “Eat little and eat patience”. Control your diet and control your emotions and you will be the wealthiest person in the world.

Many people think that what we eat will make us healthy and happy, but eating is not the source of health and happiness. We should eat little and only what the body needs. We have to distinguish between real and. artificial needs. It is usually the mind and not the body that needs to eat. If we take too much our digestive and mental systems become weakened. We have a right to take only what we need..

“Gain khao” means control your emotions: Eat your passions, your impatience and your sorrows

Chew your emotions. Never be unhappy. You must have patience to resist the temptations of retaliation. It is easy to retaliate or retort. The first reaction of the mind is to retort. Put a restraint on your reactions. Horses have reins to restrain them The mind., which is powerful, also needs a restraint. Somebody should ride over it and it should. be you. Don’t let your mind. run away.

Body should be given what it needs and not more than that. Mind should. be given training and. restrained.. These are two basic principles of happiness and health and that is why I like the saying, “Kain khao, gain khao”.

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