Blessings For the New Year 2005

A Grand Welcome to Year 2005!

Human beings have received infinite blessings of God. Planet of Earth or Prithwee has 5 Great Elements constituting countless forms of life, vegetation, minerals, water, gases and various forms of solid.

Let us chant, memorize and assimilate the message of a Sanskrit prayer of Vedas that can help nourish our souls and energize the five bodies known as pure consciousness ,blissful, emotional, mental and physical. Man has 5 bodies or sheaths known as Panch-Koshas. We work on different emotional, mental, intellectual levels which are the functions of annamaya, praanmaya, manomaya, vigyaanamaya and aanandamaya bodies of man attached to the flesh but invisible to human eyes.

The vedic mantra is:
Om dyow shaanti antariksha gwum:
May peace reign on the horizon.
Shaantihi Prithwee:
May peace be on Earth.
May peace be in water.
May peace be in medicinal plants.
May peace reign in all forms of vegetation.
May peace be with Guardian Angelic Beings.
May peace be with the non-form of God. (Brahm)
Sarva Gwam shaantihi:
May peace reign in each and everything.
Shaantir-eva shaantihi:
May peace be to peace itself.
Saa maa shaantir-edhi:
May that peace be with Me.

Let PEACE be the theme of the year 2005. We need peace everywhere in the world. Positive thinking will surely bring positive results. What we think we shall become! Our thoughts make the realities when translated into words and deeds. We are here to bring heaven on earth!

Happy New Year 2005!

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