Blessings from Mataji

The Labor Day Celebration & Holiday reminds me of a duty of life, not of a Political Movement. The body itself is like a government. Land, People, and Government are Body, World, and Intellect. Life is here to celebrate the worship of God through Hard Work, Proper Knowledge and Resourcefulness.

Life is not a bed of roses all the time. Easily gained things are easily lost also. Every minute of life is valuable for every one. Everyone gets only 24 hours, never more or less. And yet, achievements are different. Hard Work pays you back with lots of bonuses. Every thorn lends its energy to the bloom. Work is worship always. It never lets one go without wages, without Rewards.

In Divine Hymns of Saints and Sages one gets musical sermonic messages as guidelines for life or as keys to the Door named Success if rightly understood, interpreted and put into practice. Studies improve the intellect. Even if one knows a lot, still one should always revise, re- read, and should be anxious to learn more. In Tulsi’s words:

Shaastra su-chintit puni puni dekhiya.
(Even if you are well-read and a scholar, yet you should read again and again)

Intelligent action and diligent work bring all we wish to gain. Work is never hard labor when the mind and heart are set on it. Work is pleasure and success. If one starts working and firmly sets one’s mind to address a problem, it runs away and disappears. Such hard working people are rare and always in demand in every corner of the world. Efficiency comes by sincere practice. Genius is a product of hard work.

Hard and sincere work is a fountain of Joy that keeps every one healthy, happy and prosperous. It is also a cure for many ills:

Jeewan kee khushboo sevaa mey, Sevaa na kiyaa to kyaa kiyaa

This is a song with a message that the Fragrance of life comes from hard heartful work, so without wasting time, utilize the message to make life beautiful, fragrant and meaningful.

Saint Tulsi proclaimed the wisdom in the following verse of Ramaayan:

Vishwa pradhan karma kari raakhaa, Jo jas chaahiya tas phala chaakhaa.

God made one law for the world: Actions are rewarded according to the jobs performed. In other words: As you sow, so shall you reap.

The energy which is being used in negative thinking and work should be utilized in going forward in a fruitful direction.

Hari Om, Hello to everyone in all languages and Religions……..Mataji, Ma Yogashakti

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