Bombs of Joy

Who is God? All beings are a part of God. All people are bodies of God. I see no-one else in this world except Ram and Sita. Feel you are a part of that glory.

If you don’t have anything to give your children, you will give your vices. You are distributing vices everywhere unless you improve your consciousness. The same energy with which you are making yourself a slave of your addictions can be used for positive ends.

Let energy flow and find its own healthy, happy direction. When you have released some energy with joy, it will carry joy with it. When you release your energy with a bomb of joy or creativity, it will carry further. Wherever you go, throw bombs of joy.

The story says that Ganges came down from heaven but none except Siva could stand the force of the flow. Due to ego, Ganges was lost in Siva’s hair for a long time. After she prayed, Siva released the water. We have to release the energy of the Soul, which is Ganges, but it has to flow on a foundation of rock.

Electricity creates a magnetic field. You can create a magnetic field, but you have to do it. Nobody else can lend it to you. You have to generate it within you. You are meant to use your energy. –

Respect your body. If your car is very expensive, don’t you take care of it? Likewise the body is a very valuable instrument and you have to take good care of it.

Don’t imitate anybody else. See what talents you have and let them grow. When an opportunity is given to you, do not miss it. Golden opportunities come to everybody, but if they are not welcomed they go back.

Spiritual life is like putting wheels to heavy luggage. If life is very heavy and we have a lot of problems, we can put wheels to it with spiritual life. Then everything will run smoothly and the load will be lessened.

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