Sound is known is known as 'nada' in Sanskrit. There are two types of sound. One type is created or caused sound. It is caused by friction, by two things rubbing together or dashing against each other. The second type is 'anahat' or uncaused sound.           When sound is caused, there are two principles which create a third. This is the theory of creation. At least two things are needed to create something. Sounds is the first manifestation of divine energy. How did the cosmos come into existence? There must have been one force which split into which then created a third. From these three forces everything both seen and unseen was created.

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 A renowned sage lived in the forest with his disciples.  One beautiful morning the disciples sat around the Guru as usual.  After the daily lessons were over one of the disciples asked a question: "Adored Sir : Will you please explain to us whether a disciple has to work out his evolution himself or seek the grace of a Guru?  Is Guru an important factor for attainment of Realization?"

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Energy of the Soul

The energy giver is the soul.  Without the soul the body will not survive.  Meditation is an effort to come close to the soul.   Soul gives energy to the senses.   It is a giver not a receiver.   Senses receive from the soul. 

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Everybody must learn how to earn his bread and also something more. The spiritual conception says that the greatest wealth is the five elements of nature.

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