Choosing a Philosophy for Life

We should seek a good philosophy of life which can stay by our side when we have to face the stresses and strains of life. It will enable us to see the problems of life in a more detached way. When we study some philosophy, our mind sifts it and. takes in what we like. Our mind will assimilate what suits us. What does not suit us will be thrown out by the mind. If we have a philosophy of life it will help us to avoid conflict in the inner mind.

There are various theories about birth or life on earth. Some think that it is a problem and that we must learn to renounce birth and death. Others think that birth is blessed, that God has sent us here to serve Him and to do His work on earth. A third theory is that birth is caused by desires and karma of past lives.

We must decide for ourselves which philosophy of life we believe in and then be faithful to that. All is God’s energy. The message of Gita is that everything is God’ s and everything is God. Spiritual people stop thinking that everything is theirs. They begin to realize that it is by God’s will that they are here on earth and they must serve His creation as best they can. They realize that all is God’s.

When you stop thinking, ‘it is mine’, there is no stress or strain. When you think, it is yours , you have to undergo both joys and stresses and strain. If it is yours then the joys are yours but the problems are also yours. However, if you think it is not yours but that it is all God’s creation and you are only here to serve Him and realize Him; then although you enjoy and suffer, it is never too much for you.

You are not overwhelmed or drowned in joy or sorrow There maybe problems but they won’t hurt or destroy you.

When we serve God, we are always with Him. we are with Him in His Name or in His work. We can see Him everywhere in His creation. every tree and river is created by Him. Air is created. by Him. Is it not Him? God is everywhere and we must appreciate this. The moment we learn to change our thinking and beautify our thoughts, there will be beauty and happiness everywhere around us.

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