Feel that your heart is full of love. Let your ego be surrendered and humility take its place. Love is the only way to live. We learn to love by loving God. Love God and you will love others also. Love God, love Guru, love your family, your brothers, your sisters, your children, your neighbors. Where there is love, there is no mistake. Where there is love, there is satisfaction. Where there is love, there is knowledge. Fill your heart with love. It is the basis of success, the basis of everything. It is meditation, devotion, beauty.

Pure love is called devotion, bhakti. Without bhakti, every sadhana is a waste of time. Without bhakti, every work is a waste of energy. Whatever you think, think with love. Whatever you do, do with love. Without love, life is a waste, energy is wasted, time is wasted. Where there is love, miracles happen. Where there is love, everything is complete. Where there is love, money, wisdom and prosperity will flow

Devotion is the basis of everything. Devotion is the highest form of yoga. True love is full of dynamic energy. Other types of energy run out. Where there is love, you can work like ten persons. You can work like giants and never get tired.

Where there is love,, there are no shortcomings. All shortcomings become beauties of life or character. All mistakes become right, if there is love. If we do anything with love, it becomes a form of sadhana, spiritual practice, worship. Anything done without love is waste. It is never accepted by the Lord.

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