Energy of the Soul

Mind goes out into the world through the five senses.  There are previous objects stored in the mind. If we have seen an object before there is a negative or positive association of it in our mind.   When we see an object inside our mind, it uses less energy than when we see it outside.  When we listen to people we use more energy.  When we sit in meditation we are using less energy.  When we speak we are using energy.  When we observe silence we are conserving our energy.

The energy giver is the soul.  Without the soul the body will not survive.  Meditation is an effort to come close to the soul.   Soul gives energy to the senses.   It is a giver not a receiver.   Senses receive from the soul.   They cannot give to the soul.   Soul has all power and energy and knowledge within itself.

The soul is like God.   It knows everything.   It has everything.  It does not need anything.   You cannot give food to one who is not hungry.   You cannot give riches to one who is not poor.   The soul is complete within itself.   The senses die and become sick.   The soul does not run out of energy.

Have firm faith in your soul.   It is omnipresent, omniscient.   Soul is a part and parcel of God-consciousness.   Know the limitations of your senses.   They can receive, but they cannot give back.   The poor can receive, but cannot give back.   If we unplug our senses we shall not be consuming energy.  When you do not use too much energy your bills will be low.   The soul has a lot of energy which is supplies to the senses, but we waste it.  All is not properly consumed.   Through meditation we learn to save our energy.

May your body we healthy, wealthy and emit the rays of the soul.   May it be a fit instrument in the hands of the divine, or soul.   May your body be used in the direction it was designed for.   May your body be a fit carrier for the journey of the soul

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