Florida Meditation Retreat

Meditation Retreat with Ma Mokshapriya Shakti

Friday October 18, 2019  4 p.m. to Sunday October 20th 4 p.m.

The popularity of meditation is increasing as more people discover its benefits. Meditation is a process of training our mind to focus and redirect our thoughts. Some benefits are increased awareness, reduced stress, improved sleep, increased immune function, less anxiety and even increased pain tolerance.  But the mind is difficult to control. Yoga has many tools to do so. In this retreat we will focus on breathing exercises (pranayama) to control the mind and body. We will also practice hatha yoga and chetan nidra (deep relaxation).

REGISTRATION; In advance before August 31st – $130 per person; families $180.  At the door $140 per person or $200 for families.
WHEN; 4 pm on Oct 18 – 4 pm on Oct 20
WHERE:Yogashakti Mission  3895 Hield Road NW Palm Bay FL 32907  (321) 725 4024
MEALS: Delicious and wholesome home-cooked vegetarian meals.
WHAT TO BRING: Sheets, loose comfortable clothes, towel, yoga mat, pen and notebook, flashlight.
EMAIL: yogashaktipalmbay@gmail.com to register or call 321 725 4024



Oct 18 - 20 2019


4:00 pm - 4:00 pm




Florida Yogashakti Mission
3895 Hield Road, Palm Bay FL 32907


Florida Yogashakti Mission