Every Moment Is Precious

I believe that the whole of time exists in one moment of time.  The whole universe exists in a tiny molecule.

When we are seeking the spiritual path or the yogic path, we are leaving the earthly world behind and living in a different planet or a different level of consciousness.

We shouldn’t burden our minds with the memories of the past.  We should not bother ourselves with unnecessary things that belong to the dead past.  The Gita says that wise people never waste their energy in thinking about things that have already passed.  If we can release our consciousness from the grip of the past, then we shall always feel fresh.  When we remember things, we feel loaded and burdened.  Always live every moment afresh as if born today.  We should always keep our minds fixed on the present and do our best in the present moment.  If we are careful about the present moment, we shall carve a beautiful past for ourselves.

Chitta needs to be reconstructed; consciousness needs to be carved anew.  The tool to be used is the present moment.  Every moment is precious.  Be careful of your moments.  They are tools in your hands to carve your consciousness.  Life can be made very beautiful if we think it is beautiful.  We are nothing else but our thoughts.  We have closed our minds to our many assets.  We feel that we are unhappy as we look only at the dark aspect of our lives.  However, these aspects are part of the beauty of life.  No carving is beautiful unless it has shade and depth to enhance its form.  Similarly, all the weaknesses of our personalities are the beauties of our life.  To appreciate the beauty of the mountain, we need the contrast of the depth of the valley.

All life is beautiful, and everything is here to add to the beauty of life.  There are no problems unless we make problems.  All is good.  A problem is a message to “Awake, arise and find the goal.”  When Vivekananda read this he received a flash of light.  It inspired him; he soared very high in the realm of the spirit.  Only one line awakened his soul.  Many words are never needed.  One word is enough.  It should go deep into the subconscious.  It should light the fire of the soul as a match lights a candle.  A call from the Guru will awaken the human mind.

April 2013

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