Guru Poornimaa 2005 Blessings To All

Blessings are a treasure. According to Indian culture elders give blessings to younger persons. Emotional management is most important which defines the boundaries to protect and promote. In the name of freedom and pursuit of happiness there is a tendency to cross the limit. What roots are to the tree, a Guru is for society .He or she takes up the job of Loka-Sangrah: The Cause of Public Good and Welfare. The Twelfth Chapter of Geeta, in the second line of verse 4, clearly states: Those who come closer to me, engage themselves in the work of welfare of all beings:

San-niyamyen-driya-graamam sarvatra sam-buddhayah.<br/>Te prap-nu-vanti maameva sarva bhoota <br/>hitey rataahaa. &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;-(Geetaa 12-4).

The first line states the qualifications of a saadhu or a devotee. One should have perfect control over his passions or functions of the 5 senses and should always have a perfectly balanced state of mind wherever he or she moves. For the pursuit of people’s good, a saadhu’s tradition is to have no family bindings and possessions for personal gain. This makes the mind free from personal obligations to a limited family system. True love and selfless service make a saadhu an important person of society. A saadhu resigns to God’s will and offers all his time, energy and resources to the service of God, born in the form of human beings or all other forms of life. True love, proper knowledge and hard work can take anyone to the top. The world is dependent on work and interactions. Work is a form of true worship if it has respected the 3 laws of Time, Mind and Space known as Desh, Kaala and Mana.

On this holy day of Guru Poornima, we remember and offer salutations and respectful love and honor to all the great teachers of the world who came down to the earth to improve the lives of people and make the world a better place to live, work, enjoy, share and depart. This day is known as Vyaasa Poornimaa, dedicated to Guru Vyaasa, Krishna Dwaipaayana of the 28th Manvantara, who edited all the Vedaas and encoded all the wisdom in 18 Big Volumes, known as Puraanas. Not satisfied with his endless work, he wrote 18 more volumes, known as Upa-Puraanas or Additional Volumes of Puraanas.

On this holy day of all Great teachers of the world, I remember every one of you and send my love and blessings praying for the highest achievements of your life. Keep God in your heart, use your own power of mind, put your good thoughts in action to improve, enjoy and share with all. Achieve the four noble goals of Life:

  • Dharma – Good Education and discipline
  • Artha – Good Job to have Financial Freedom
  • Kaama – Enjoy Life within Limits
  • Moksha – Remember that one day one has to depart leaving things behind.

An Ashram is a center for spiritual learning. Home is for freedom and enjoyment. A public place should be respected. Love, serve, enjoy, share and support good work wherever possible. May God bless you always with health, wealth and wisdom.

I wish all of you to practice Hindi & Sanskrit alphabets which connote with pranas and apanas and are assigned certain functions to perform.

Lastly, remember my teachings. In short, you are born to bring heaven on earth. Get busy improving your self and your surroundings. May God bless you all millions of times with choicest blessings.

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