Ideals of Life

Goals, in other words, healthy ambitions of life are as important as food is to life. From early childhood unconsciously, sub-consciously or willingly, a child begins to show his natural inclinations. Parents should make a note in their mind and make a point to provide the right atmosphere to let the talent of the child flourish.

Lucky are those who are exposed to many varieties of life style in their childhood. Unconsciously children pick ideas of a fixed pattern of life suited to their ability, talent and interest. Children are surely the future of the world. Utmost interest and attention should be given by the government, society and family members to shape the future of the world.

The world is getting smaller and horizons of self concern are expanding like space everyday. We will no more fit in a pigeonhole economy. Liberty has never recommended license. Freedom is that which we can enjoy without depriving others of the same facilities. Real humanity is supposed to enjoy and live to-gather in peace. My grand father’s sister, whom we called Bua-dadi, taught me as a child: Baanta chota khaaee Gangaa Nahaaee. It means: Always share your food with others and enjoy your life like bathing in the fresh waters of a River (Gangaa River). It made a lasting impression on me. We are here to share and care for each other as much as possible

One of my spiritual teachers in Varanasi, whom we addressed as Mataji, left everlasting impressions on me. She was a theosophist. Wearing an orange Saaree always, she smelt like a fresh orange-colored flower and, how much I wanted to be like her! I cannot explain the aching and happiness I felt in my little bosom at that tender age. Once she told me: Give only a little bit of yourself to God like a little sesame seed. And, I still feel guilty that I gave to God only a little bit but the rewards are so much more than I ever deserved. To me, the older generation is a great source of inspiration. They help to charge the battery of life, which goes down every now and then.

If there were no existing civilization or a world before us how would we start our day. This is a thought beyond my imagination. A past is important and yet we learn to waste our precious moments of life by hanging on the past too much. If we see a problem we have to retrace our steps back. We must learn to review or revise or refresh our memories of the past to find where we went wrong. And yet the past is dead. We cannot undo the past. The only way to undo the past is to create a beautiful present we would be proud of in the future.

Four Ideals of Life are a MUST for all. 1) Good Education 2) Good Earning Skills 3) Living and Enjoyment within limits, and 4) Performing Noble Deeds to Improve the Future of the World for Today and Tomorrow. (If you ever come back to this world, you will have a world of your own ideals!)

The Four Goals of Life in Sanskrit language are known as: Dharma, Artha, Kaama and Moksha. America is no doubt a great country, which has shown the way to the world for a better living in pursuit of happiness. It is a great country where truthfulness, honesty, integrity, accountability and sincerity of purpose are honored. It is a place where people feel free to experiment with new ways of living and thinking. Nature, world and body are gifts from God. All people have equal rights to enjoy the boons of nature if they are willing to pay the right price. Nothing is free anywhere. Everyone has to work hard to achieve the dreams of life. Wise is he or she who envisions life in all its perspectives. A one-sided view is incomplete. I respect all the religions of the world, which aim at improving the status of mankind or humankind. We are one family on this planet as long as we have only one SUN shining over our globe.

To me, East and West are like two eyes that see only one object. East and West are like two arms which perform for the good of one body. East and West are like two ears that hear one sound, not double. All modern inventions are devices of God to bring all his children closer to each other. Modern scientific inventions have helped to bring the people of the world close. It is the great achievement of our times. All difficulties and problems come in our way to demand our attention. They whisper in our ears: improve, change, modify.

We are here on this planet of Earth to Explore the Limits of Our Consciousness which functions through the medium of the body. The Body is a blessed instrument to express our divine passions of life: Creativity, Promotion (Preservation) and Change.

I wish you all my dear ones and Soul-mates, all the happiness of the world for the rest of your lives.

In prayers & service to God or Goddess!…… Your very own….. Ma Yoga Shakti

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