In Times of Distress

O my dear Beloved.

In times of distress remember the words and quotes of the pillar personalities of society and the world. Deeds and words of wisdom give strength and uplift the society. They will give you strength to surmount all the obstacles of life.

Scriptures are studied for this reason. The stories in scriptures revolve around a powerful personality. Obstacles are teachers and educators to polish and shine the image of life. Rough edges are smoothed out by the teachings. Dirt of the surface personality is removed. Very few people really understand and implement these secrets of success.

Here is one for you: “Honor others to become young and beautiful.” What a miracle, is it not so my dear? Practice, to see the power and glory waiting to come to you. Make believe will not work.

I offer you a safe ship, for times of distress, to surface navigate the turbulent ocean of the world (bhava sagar – the big ocean of beingness). You will find this beautiful passage in the sixth chapter (Lankaa Kaanda) of Ramacharitamaanasa or Raamaayan written by Saint Tulsidaas in chopaies (verses of two lines) after dohaa (couplet) number 79. I would like you to memorize and sing it with love and full understanding. It refreshes the state of mind. One receives new inspiration to climb high on the steep mountain of success.

Ram was in the battle-field., Though born as a prince he had lost his kingdom in favor of his brother Bharat.. Vibheeshan, a younger brother of his enemy, Ravan, renounced his claim to the throne in order to join the party of Ram.

On seeing his beloved Ram, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, in a poor plight without any armor to protect him, without a chariot to ride and without an army of soldiers to fight and protect him, Vibheeshana’s strong love and devotion poured out.

Raavanu rathee biratha raghubeeraa | Dékhi vibheeshana bhayau adheeraa ||

Ravana approached the battlefield riding a grand chariot; Vibheeshan saw his beloved Lord Ram standing on the ground bare-footed, and his heart sank.

Adhika preeti mana bhaa sandéhaa | Bandi charana kaha sahita sanéhaa ||

Due to overpowering love for his Lord, doubt came to Vibheeshana’s mind. He bowed to the feet of Ram and uttered these words full of love and concern:

Naath na ratha nahin tana pada traanaa | Kéhi bidhi jitaba beera balavaanaa||

O dear Lord, you have no chariot, no shoes, nor armor to protect your feet and body. How,then, will you conquer the great warrior Ravan?

Sunahu sakhaa kaha kripaa nidhaanaa | Jéhi jaya hoyi so syandana aanaa ||

Ram, the Lord of love and compassion said: O dear friend listen, the chariot of victory and success needs the following divine things:

Sauraja dheeraja tehi ratha chaakaa | Satya seela drid dhvajaa pataakaa ||

I have a divine chariot with two special wheels, 1) the wheel of bravery and 2) the wheel of patience. These will bring victory to my door. Also I have a strong, high flag of truthfulness and decent behavior hoisted on my chariot of victory.

Bala bibeka dama parahita ghoré | Chhamaa kripaa samataa raju joré ||

My divine chariot has four horses: 1) strength of body, 2) a strong mind to make the right decisions at the right time, 3) control of passions and 4) a strong will to help and serve others. These four virtuous horses drive my divine chariot. These horses are guided by the three reins of 1) forgiveness, 2) compassion and 3) equal vision.

Eesha bhajanu saarathee sujaanaa | Virati charma santosha kripaanaa ||

My chariot-driver is trust and devotional prayers of God containing superb wisdom. The armor to protect my body is 1) desirelessness and 2) the sharp sword of contentment.

Daana parasu budhi sakti prachandaa | Bara bigyaana kathina kodandaa ||

My axe is known as ‘charity’ and my powerful weapon known as shakti is ‘sharp intelligence’. The staff in my hand to bring victory is ‘supreme scientific knowledge’.

Amala achala man trona samaanaa | Sama jama niyama silee mukha naanaa ||

A pure unshakeable mind is my strongest bow. A balanced mind, control of senses and powerful self-discipline are the arrows in my quiver

Kavacha abhéda bipra gura poojaa | Ehi sama bijaya upaaya na doojaa ||

The impenetrable armor to protect my body in the battlefield is my respectful behavior to wise men and my guru (spiritual teacher). I do not see any other weapons stronger than these needed to win in the battle

Sakhaa dharmamaya asa ratha jaaké | Jeetana kaha na katahu ripu taaké ||

Oh dear friend, for one who has a chariot of virtuous practices of true religion, there exists neither a foe nor a battlefield to be conquered.

Oh Dears, climb up the ladder of these virtues to be the tallest.

Happy years, especially 2003.

Yours ever in love

Ma Yoga Shakti

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