Joy is Your Birthright

Know that God is Aanand – joy. By loving~ remembering and worshipping God, we establish a connection between us and God. God is like a reservoir of joy. He is like the water reservoir which supplies the city. He supplies us with bliss, happiness, knowledge, power and understanding. When we pray, we open a line of communication with God.

God is eternal Power which never gets exhausted. God is always whole. God creates roses and thorns. God has created everything and everything is perfect Learn to rejoice in everything because God is a body of light. God is a body of joy. Have loving reverence for everything that exists.

God’s energy in me makes me see the differences, and when I see – I enjoy. There are so many varieties of flowers: roses, periwinkles, lilies, marigolds. How many varieties God has made. The more I see, the more I am amazed.

We are born in different lands and different cultures. Without differences, we cannot survive because world is interaction. If we learn how to interact, we will enjoy. If we become closed, frozen, then we will not improve. If you look back at history, people have learned from each other and that enlightens them.

Life is beautiful, if we make our mind beautiful. If your mind is beautiful, your place will reflect it. Your body will reflect it A home is a reflection of a person’s mind. If you think beautifully, you do beautiful things. When you have manifested your love through your actions, through your speech, through your eyes, through your gestures, then everything becomes beautiful.

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