Joyful Living

The greatest joy in life comes through learning. But knowledge comes only through practice. Empty knowledge is not knowledge. Gyanam (knowledge) is the root cause of happiness, but Gyanam is not borrowed. It comes by experience and practice. Other people can only give you guidance and inspiration.

I always stress that knowledge can be assimilated in a natural way. Learn subconsciously or unconsciously. Assimilate then and there. Do not postpone until tomorrow. Every moment is a golden moment.

You have to be receptive for knowledge. You have to

be hungry for knowledge. The more you know, the more your hunger will increase. When you have climbed one step, the second is waiting for you.

Other guidelines for living joyfully are to practice Maitree (Friendliness) Mudita (Happiness), Karuna (Compassion) and Upeksha (indifference or non-association with evil). When considering Maitree, always remember to speak that which will be helpful when talking with friends. The voice is a divine manifestation. Speech is a gift from God. The whole world is being run on words, but these must be wise words – words which are full of compassion, friendliness and happiness. Mudita means always feeling happiness for others as well as practicing happiness yourself. Karuna means feeling compassion for all beings. Upeksha means not participating in those things which are not healthy. Do your best to stop evil, but if you cannot stop it, do not associate with it.

While working, take inspiration from Gita Chapter 12 Slok 16:

don’t expect. Go on working. Go on improving yourself. You can make a big business from small beginnings. Keep yourself pure. Be expert. Keep your mind fully focused on one goal and never be distracted. Whatever you do, do it with joy.

The world is like a vast ocean. God has given you a body to get across. Living joyfully is the only answer. Whatever your Soul has dreamed and wanted to do, fulfill that.

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