Know Thyself

Why are people unhappy? They are always looking to others for their happiness. It is not the responsibility of other people to make you happy. You have to look within yourself. Nobody belongs to anyone in this world. Wife doesn’t belong to husband. Husband doesn’t belong to wife. Children don’t belong to parents. You’ll be the happiest person when you don’t depend for your happiness on others. Rather, be beautiful so that everybody will draw inspiration from you. Be like a rose or a flower so that anybody who comes into your company will become very happy.

Whatever you need outside has to be seated inside first. The first workshop is within your own self, within your own heart.

It is essential for everyone to reserve some time during the day for the Self, for God, where no wife, children or husband can enter. If for ten or fifteen minutes a day you can go within yourself, come near God and come near your higher self, then when you come out you will see that wife is beautiful, children are beautiful, husband is beautiful, world is beautiful, nothing is going wrong, everything is going smoothly in the world. But this has to come from within. This is your practice in the morning. This is the time to learn to know yourself. Ask yourself, ”Who am I ? What am I? What is the real purpose of life?”

A new day, a new life begins in the morning. Morning is filled with divine influence and fragrance. Sit very quietly in the morning feeling that God is everywhere, in everything, in every moment. When we turn our attention towards God, it is known as meditation.

Breathe in with a feeling that this breath is a gift from God. It is a divine gift that we are alive, that we are human. Feel that breath is blessed by God. Feel that every breath is precious. Nothing is more precious than the breath in this world. Offer this most precious thing to God. One breath is one step in life. With this life remember God. The most valuable thing in this world is your breath, your life.

We remember our past too much sometimes. All the time we carry the load of the past. It is alright to carry with us the beauties from the past, but if we carry the unhappy load, it will make our backs heavy. It will make our lives heavy. It will make our minds heavy. Thus we have to be selective. God has given us mind, intelligence, memory, life and energy as our faithful servants who are always willing to serve us. We have to use them to make our life beautiful. A gardener weeds Cut certain plants from his garden. We have to weed out and discard unhappy and sorrowful memories.

Everybody is full of expectations. When we are unhappy, it is because we expect too much. Why should we expect? Leave it. Don’t expect. When we drop our expectations, we are the happiest people in the world.

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