Looking in the Mirror

I invoke the Divine Power to bless all of us. You don’t need to go anywhere to search for that power. It is residing in each and every one.

There are many problems in the world. They are given to you only to polish yourself. Unless you face the problems you will not be able to grow. If things are very smooth in life, one doesn’t learn enough. Consider the problems as stepping stones. They help you to go up. You have to change your attitude towards life. If a problem comes it is only for your training. It’s for knowledge to make you stronger. Become stronger than the problems. There is a verse in Hindi where Tulsi Das says “The world lives in the hearts of the people, in the minds of the people and in the thoughts of the people”. All the thoughts are materializing everywhere. The whole world is a projection of your own mind and thoughts. If it is a projection from within, then instead of changing from outside we must change within ourselves.

If you look into the mirror and see a black mark on your face that you don’t want, why waste time rubbing the mirror? The mirror doesn’t have a black mark. Where is the black mark? It is on our own face. Christ said it very beautifully . He said, “Don’t look at the defects of others. Take out the great beam that is in your own eye”. Don’t find fault with others. Rather change your own self. If the self is changed the whole world is changed. The whole world is changed because you are the axis of the world. You are creating the whole world. You can create a bad world and you can create a good world also. The master of the house is responsible for the decorations of the house. He can change the house in whatever fashion he wishes. You are the master of the world. The world which is in you, is projected outside. The inside world is to be changed, not the outside.

How to change? What to do?. Practice bhakti yoga, karma yoga, gyan yoga, raja yoga and you will find the way. These forms of yoga are only to sweep your road. They will clear the road and you can go forward. Yoga itself is very deep, but for beginners it is very simple and easy. It is like an ocean. One can play on the beach or on the shore of the ocean. If you are a good swimmer you can go further to the middle of the sea, but still you won’t be able to fathom the depth.

The world cannot be corrected. We can do our best but we will find there are always problems in the world. When you are doing service to others actually it is a service to your own self. God is always in you, within you. He is not outside. If we want to see our face, we need the help of the mirror. Eyes are so dear to each and everyone, but has anyone seen his own eyes or only a reflection in a mirror? We see only reflections and the world is like a mirror. We see our reflection in the world and God is seeing his own reflection in the world.

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