Mind always goes out into the world through the five senses. During meditation, make an attempt to bring the mind back home. Mind also uses our physical energy. Close all the senses and try to save your energy. The energy giver is the soul. It supplies energy. Without the soul, the body will not survive. Meditation is an effort to come close to the soul.

The soul gives energy to the senses. It is a giver, not a receiver. The senses receive from the soul. They cannot give to the soul. The soul has all power, energy and knowledge within itself.

Feel that the soul is complete within itself. The poor go to the rich to receive. The senses are poor, the soul is rich. The soul does not run out of energy.

Have a clear conception of your soul. Have firm faith in your soul. It is omnipresent, omniscient. Know the limitations of your senses. They can receive, but they cannot give back. The poor can receive, but they cannot give back. If you return the energy received by the senses to the soul, you will be able to meditate. Unplug your senses. Don’t use them for worldly experience. When you unplug, you are not consuming energy. When you do not use too much energy, your bills will be low. Feel that the soul has a lot of energy which is supplies to the senses, but we waste it. All is not properly consumed. Through meditation, we learn to save our energy.

Meditation means sitting quietly with no effort. It is like relaxation. It is soothing and relaxing if you know the way. Thinking is effort and not thinking is relaxation.

Create a vacuum in your mind. The vacuum of the mind is known as zero. In Sanskrit, it is called Shunya. It is the big zero. It is the big nothingness. It is the sky of mind with no clouds of thoughts. See the sky of your mind called chidakash.

Chidakash is the seat of the lightning, the Kundalini Shakti. Chidakash is your mental space which wraps up your life as the earth is wrapped by atmosphere and atmosphere is wrapped by space.

Chidakash is infinite, vast, stretching far. Remain in the space of your mind during moments of meditation. This akash is the father of the children of Mother Earth. Earth is mother. Sky is our father. It promotes and protects the earth and its children. Feel yourself in between space and the earth. Feel that your ego is the condensation of your consciousness.

Now bring your mind back to your body. Wish welfare of your form. May this body be healthy, wealthy and emit the rays of the soul. May it be a fit instrument in the hands of the Divine, or Soul. May this body be used in the direction it was designed for. May this body be a fit carrier for the journey of the soul. Wish it all well.

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