Keep the body still for steadiness of the mind.

When mind is under control, it forgets the body. Practice and will are the two secrets of meditation.

At first meditation is difficult. later the mind begins to taste the beauty of the inner life.

chant On and meditate on the sound.

Learn to empty your mind. Mind is like a pot. If it is clean, you can cook well. Feel empty as if you have no past or future. Release your mind from the clutches of the past, present and future. Feel as if your mind is born today. We usually feed our mind on the biscuits of the past. This habit should be broken.

Feel yourself. Feel your heart. Feel your mind. Let consciousness be with the consciousness.

Thy to get to the depth of your being where there is no thought of past or future. Bathe in the River of your Consciousness. This is known as Ganges.

Meditate on the sky of your mind. It is blue, vast, infinity. It is “Chidakash”. There is a sky within yourself. Nobody knows how far it extends. Feel your inner heart is like a blue sky stretching far and wide. We cannot find the end or beginning. Meditate on sky and it will be your consciousness.

Make a wish that is wise and good.

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