Mind is the World

The mind is your world. If the mind is unhappy, you see unhappiness all around. If the mind is happy you see happiness all around. What you see and think is outside, is never outside. it is inside. The inside is always manifesting, projecting itself. Any, criticism reminds me that the person is full of conflicts himself. If someone criticizes me

I may or may not be pained, but it gives me an insight that the person is full of conflicts. If you are joyful within yourself, you will project joy outside. If you are skilled within yourself, you will manifest your skill outside. If you are good at heart, you will do acts of goodness outside, because the whole world is your mind or your mental projection. What you are within, you will project outside.

Knowing this, you must remember that one aspect of God is bliss. The scriptures mention, “Practice joy all the time” because God is joyful. By practicing joy you are coming closer to Him and this joy is to be practiced in all circumstances favorable and unfavorable, in happiness and in sorrow. It is advised that one should always be happy. Whatever may happen be happy. The teaching of Gita and Yoga is to practice joy in all circumstances. Think that every work is God’s work and derive joy from it. You are serving God. Whatever comes to you, do it in a spirit of love, dedication and joy. All these practices will lead you on the Path.

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