Mind Waves

Mind is always compared with water because the nature of water and the nature of the mind are similar. Why do you find ripples in the water? The slightest breeze can create ripples. In the same way the mind is always generating some kind of ripples or waves. There is never a single moment when we don’t think and this thinking power is like a wave. It arises in the lake of the mind. When you see or hear something outside you start thinking. You start acting or reacting. Yogis have found a way not to react. If you stop reacting or resisting everything becomes very smooth and flows like beauty.

Mind has the nature of having ripples. What is the breeze? The breeze is always the five senses. The five senses create breeze or vritti in your mind. Vrittis mean waves of the mind which turn into thoughts. Thought is in a language which you learn from your parents. My thought waves are riding the language of English. Waves or vrittis are not language.

First, harmony is established in your own self through the practices of yoga and meditation. Later on you project this same harmony outside also. If you have peace within you will project peace. If you have unrest within yourself , you will project unrest. The whole world is a projection of people’s thoughts. What you think materializes through your actions. You are exhibiting nothing else but your own mind.

If there is something wrong in society, there is actually something wrong inside us. If we correct ourselves, we make proper use of things, resulting in harmony everywhere. The greatest task of mankind is to harmonize itself.

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