New Year Message 2006

Om Shree Ganeshaaya Namah!<br/>Om Aim Hreem Kleem Chaamundaayai Namah!<br/>Navamee, Paush, Krishna- Paksha, 2062 Vikram, 1927 Shaka, Constellation- Hasta: Dec. 25, 2005.

On this day of Human Standard set for the Eternal and Endless Time, I am going to write to you individually. And, if I know, I will answer your entire spiritual and Yoga-Life questions truthfully as a human should do to a human species of vast Mother Nature.

First of all, I greet you with all love in my heart: May you have a very, very fruitful year of 2006 along with all countries and their entire peoples.

Are we not here on this planet to learn the lessons of HUMANITY?

In the past centuries, distances and less means of interaction and mobility allowed us vast space of Time, Mind and Space (Desh, Kaala & Mana) to grow and adopt wildly sophisticated ways of thinking, eating, dressing and expressing – individually and collectively. Like the trees that seem to be running past behind us, when we travel by train, days, weeks, months, years and centuries have passed behind us.

Is not NOW the right time for us to take an account of all our Past Possessions of Experiences and take time to think hard: What kind of FUTURE do we want to make for ourselves?

I strongly believe that: “As a man thinks so he becomes” Thoughts make us act wrongly or rightly. Mana, Vachan and Karma: Thought, words and actions are the instruments a man needs to recreate the future. Man has no control over a thought when once it is out, like an arrow shot from a bow. Time, actions and speech can not be reversed. So, alertness and constant self-awareness of mental, physical and oral actions are needed. This is known as Atma-Chintan or Self- Introspection in spiritual terms. It leads to Meditation, Silence and Spiritual Practices to develop the art of checking and balancing of your own Self. It is an art and craft of Self-Realization.

Make your goals of life and make a strong determination to achieve them. Have your beautiful dreams. Walk towards them and don’t stop until the end is reached. No procrastination allowed. Time is Money. Time is God, Time is Life. That is the meaning of worshipping Lord Shiva. He is Mahaa Kaala: The Great Time.

Send your comments and questions through e-mail ( to be mentioned in all my Spiritual Monthly Lessons to You. Wait till the next first week of the month. I will try my best to keep my promises without a promise, which should never be broken. Know that I will be completing my 79 years on next April 6th. I invite all of you to spend a day with me throughout the year at your convenience to celebrate all the joyous days of the year 2006 in Florida or New York.

Happy, Happy, Happy New Year 2006!

One with your Soul,

Ma Yoga Shakti,

FL. Dec. 25, 2005

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