Peace Abounds Everywhere

In Chhandogya Upanisad, Sage Narad was very unhappy. He was wandering all around but had no peace. He was a great scholar and was knowledge incarnate. He knew all art and science but had no peace of mind. Too much knowledge is also a dangerous burden. Narad had a lot of learning but was restless and in search of peace.

Why do you look for peace? Peace abounds everywhere. Only you are restless; you don’t know how to collect it. Peace is like sunshine. It is scattered all over. Air is everywhere. You don’t have to seek air.

If there is unrest, the cause and solution are within the seed. The cause and solution are both packed inside the lentil in two parts. We never think to look within for the solution. One day a thief followed a rich man into a train. Every time the rich man left the compartment the thief searched his things to find his money. At the end of the journey the thief said,” I am a thief. Today I failed to find your money. Where did you hide it?”

The rich man said,” I hid it under your pillow”. God gave us troubles but God also hid the key of the solution within ourselves, where we never think of looking.

If you correct yourself, the whole world will change. The whole world is only a reflection of you. It is like a mirror. It reflects only you. Whatever you think you become. We see many things but only those things that we love do we notice. We are hooked with love and attachment.

I would like all religions, Christianity, Hindu, Muslim to be blended together into one cake or “laidu”. We make many little sweet balls and put all together to make a laidu or modak – a very sweet ball of joy. I would like Hindu Muslim Christian all rolled together into a ball of joy.

You have to respect the emotions of people. If you don’t respect people you will have eternal wars because you are hurting people’s emotions. People are full of emotions. Take a symbol of God and project your emotions on that and it will help you because God is all pervading. He is everywhere. Collect your feelings and wrap the object with the shawl of your feelings.

God resides in each and every atom of his creation. Everywhere is the presence of God. Hinduism is a religion of all humans. It never taught hatred. It always said “Vasudeva Kutumbhakam” Surely the earth, the world is your family.

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