Stories to Carve the Mind Into a Beautiful Picture

The world is beautiful for you, if you think positive and acquire virtues. Work hard to keep good health & mind. Work is joy, happiness, confidence, experiment, worship, nobility in action and lastly Discovery of Truth.

Knowledge without practice and experience is empty words. If you love to talk, enlighten people. Make your talks useful and informative. Guru is a Volume of knowledge. Words are Files of the Past for the Benefit of The Present. Past is the Roots to grant Fruits.

The Great Guru, Vyaas-The Guru of all Mortal Gurus, was a great enlightened person born out of Chance. As his birth was difficult, so was His life too. When did he ever enjoy life? Easy is for the lazies. Difficult path is chosen by the Bright to Brighten the Life, Improve the Society and To leave the Foot Prints on the Sands of TIME.

The purpose of Life is to manifest yourself. God is Born in Your Heart. God lives in your body seeking your permission to manifest. As you provide a body to Him, So shall you provide a Better Mind too. Without having good tools how can you manifest your talents? Is not mind a Tool of the Consciousness? God needs Improved Body and Mind to make His world a better place to envision Himself through Millions Billions of Bodies.

Vyaas was agreat Sage born under unnatural, unplanned situation. All new ideas flash into the mind in a very unexpected moments. To me, when I chant my scriptures and mind wanders arout, I get a flash of new thoughts which suddenly enlightens the mind, as if some other agency has spoken to you. It does not come by one sitting. It happens when you are sole dedicated to the cause of your life.

Vyaas was named as Krishna Dwaiypaayan. Do you know the meaning of Vyaas? It means Circumference – the enclosure of truth. As a circle encloses space, the Truth was summed up in his writings – Editing all Vedic Wisdom and Writing Puranas for the common good. Vedas are for the scholars, philosophers and thinkers. Puranas are for common members of the society who are puzzled to see the enormousness of the world and find it hard to decide what to do in life. All spiritual Wisdom in East & West originated from these writings. People travelled far and wide and adapted the wisdom to suit the climate, and to meet the need of the society and climate. New things were introduced and many teachings were dropped.

It is human nature to think a new and bring originality in life. No one can be a ditto in nature. All are different and yet all are members of One Great Human Society incorporated in Heaven. Though people rejoice feeling different all the time and yet basically all are one, as different limbs and organs in the body, make body one entity.

The word Krishna has two meanings: black and attraction. Vyaas was born black. He was the centre of attention because of great achievements on a spiritual level. He was born on an island – called dweep in Sanskrit. So he was named as Vyaas, the Krishna Dwyaipaayan. Before this Vyaas, 27 more Vyaasas were born in different times. The presently known Vyaas lived on this earth in the Times of Krishna, the incarnation of Vishnu and one who is famous for the wisdom of Gita, a world renouned book of spiritual wisdom.

The name Vyaas, is a title used to address a great Guru of great learning, a realised person who has access to the vicinities of three stages of time; past, present and future.

The lineage of Guru or Teachers started with the first Guru known as Vyaas. In the month of July, the full moon day is dedicated to the Guru Vyaas and is celebrated all over India as Guru Poornimaa- a day of teachers and disciples, dedicated to teaching and learning. Knowledge makes the quality of life. One chooses a way of living according to his-her understanding of life. That is why it is common spiritual knowledge quoted in almost all scriptures that Knowledge grants Liberation.

So, if you want to be wise, devote time to learning. The first 25 years of life should be devoted to learning as the main mission of life. Avoid all distractions. Focus on building your character, integrity, learning a useful trade and in building good relationship with the society. Youth is golden. With due amusement, donot lose sight of your bright future whose architect is You and You alone. Wish a Merry Christmas, Deewaalee, Ramaazan, Sabbath, Paryusan, etc.,etc.,…. All year round.

Your very own Soul, Ma Yoga Shakti

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