Teachers Training

Teach Meditation: Change the World

Train to teach meditation, mindfulness, and deep relaxation in this unique program taught by Ma Mokshapriya Shakti, Ph.D.

Through deepening and refining your own meditation practice, you’ll learn to tap into your heart center and deliver inspired and intuitively-led meditations.
You’ll then learn to transcend the critical mind in order to tap into the core of one’s being and experience what you are teaching with and through your students.
Mokshapriya provides unique tools and perspectives that help you to harness the mind with great love and understanding as well as a variety of techniques that will help you to reach even the most distracted meditator.The two month training (8 Sundays 2p-6p; 4 Saturdays 2p-6p), features time to practice and teach these techniques as well as develop training material.

The course is available in person or via Zoom based on your location and needs, starting September 20, 2020.
The winter session will start January 15, 2023.
Limited enrollment. If you would like to take the course or have questions please call Mokshapriya at 718.641.0402.

Energy Exchange: $888

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