The Ageless Wisdom

Naarad went to Sanat Kumar to find peace. He said that his mind was always restless. Sanat asked him what he had done to find peace. He replied that he had studied 18 different sciences but that still his mind was restless. Life is a search. We try to find happiness in toys, dresses, money, job, studies, family, wife, house, power, politics. We go on searching and searching, but none of these bring permanent peace.

The four Immortal Brothers, the four sages mentioned in scriptures are Sanat, Sanaatan, Sanak and Sanandan Kumara. These four brothers always look five years old. They never get older and they never die. They give a message of Eternity. We always look for that ageless wisdom that never diminishes, We seek that eternal happiness that never fades away. Indian religion is called Sanaatan Dharma – the eternal laws of truth.

What keeps us alive? Books of wisdom say that Asha (Hope) keeps us alive. Depressed people have no hope, no solution. Our expectations keep us alive. In hidden levels of the mind we are always expecting something. Expectation is always subtle, hidden buried in us. It keeps us going on.

Yogis try to avoid both hope and sorrow. Every day is a Divine Day. Every day is Christmas Day. Every day Krishna is born, Christ is born. Every day is a new day. Value each and every moment.

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