The Bigger Picture

The physical body produces the pranic or astral body. It is closely attached. It has previous sanskaras (association) which decide its nature and it is easily affected by Sense objects. Whatever we see is reflected in the pranic body.

The pranic body’s actions will be according to previous dictation. I may react or not react. I may be drawn or not be drawn. It will be different from person to person. This is because of previous associations which are deeply rooted in our nature. Every child is quite different. Some are very quiet, some are very naughty, some are too intelligent for their little bodies, some are more childlike. These are the differences coming from our Previous lives and these affect our pranic body.

We receive a body according to our previous inclinations. Why are we different, black, white, short, tall? Why are some artistic, some intellectual? This is not only this life’s doing, but has to do with our past lives. One cannot imitate other people. Everyone is different. How many designs God has. No two people are alike. The Astral body is a product of our previous karmas. This body is called “bhogayata’ which means a pot for cooking. This body is meant for cooking the karmas.

We are attracted towards the world. It is very beautiful but the soul has to pass through many forms of life. Before coming to human life the soul may be in vegetable, animal or bird life. Slowly the consciousness passes through all these stages. Once it has become human, it takes many lives to improve the consciousness. One life is never sufficient for learning everything.

If we want to realize God, we have to acquire all those qualities which God has within Himself. Like nature attracts like nature. Liquid can be mixed with liquid, solid can be mixed with solid, air can be mixed with air. When our consciousness is in crude form we have more attachment for material or crude things. Slowly consciousness goes on improving. Every individual human is different. By passing through different stages of consciousness, we shall expand our consciousness and finally we shall reach the stage where we see only unity, we see all as one.

There is a cycle of destruction and creation which goes on and on until eternity. If we remember this in our daily life it will take our minds away from our problems. We make such a fuss about little things and get involved, unhappy and depressed whereas if we have courage we can change our own life. Have courage. Know that you are an object in a heavenly atmosphere and change.

Discard what is giving you pain. If you are keeping it with you, it means you want to keep it. If there is a thorn take it out. If it is burning get rid of it. The immediate reality is trifling.

However, you should not be unmindful of immediate reality. You should be able to distinguish what is more or less important. If the world is insignificant should we jump out of the window and rest? No. We have to know where we stand ,look around , find a place and see how much we can improve, how far we can go with this energy and situation.

The nature of the universe is like a paradox – creation and destruction, everything is moving but nothing is moving; soul is pervading everything but at the same time it doesn’t go anywhere; it is within and without; it is moving and not moving. It is a mystery. Light and darkness stay together. We have two eyes but see one thing. This is the mystery of the cosmos. In order to understand it, we have to leave our pre-notions. The mind must escape from its previous background but still be sharp and intelligent.

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