The Dream World

The dream world is very natural to us. Sleep is our nature. It is very close to our being. It is another world which is called astral world. If we have to study a book which is not interesting to us, we will immediately go to sleep and to the dream world. If body is tired, we immediately go to the dream world.

We can see that, when a baby is first born, he sleeps almost 24 hours, then, little by little, he sleeps less. This means he is waking up from another world, from another plane. He doesn’t want to come out of that dream world. He is still on some other plane and is not very familiar with his physical cage. This is not our ultimate plane. If we belonged to this plane, we would always be here, but, as everybody knows, we are taken away from this plane, not only by death, but also every day when we sleep.

Sometimes the astral form is not very refined, but is in a gross, crude form. This means we have not learned to shape it properly. The soul has been caged into matter which is so tight that it doesn’t let us get out. We become so sensual, so worldly, so matter-of-fact that we cannot rise above these things. The astral body becomes fine and refined by love,

devotion and caring for others. When we pay attention to the astral body and see that it has only divine and not negative or unhappy energy, then it becomes perfect. When we have perfected or refined the astral body, we can accomplish much more. This does not mean that we have to dispose of the physical body. Physical and astral bodies are attached to each other and can only be separated by death.

This psychic or astral form is made by our thoughts, feelings and emotions. We have to be very careful what kind of thoughts and feelings we store in our personality. What we think we will become. What we think will begin to happen. If we think beautifully, it will release our stress and strain. If we think negatively, it will begin to manifest and spoil our body. We have to be so careful. Just as we are careful with a revolver, gun or knife and a little mishandling can destroy, similarly, we have to be very careful about our body, mind, thoughts and emotions. A little carelessness destroys. We are what we thought and we will be what we think.

Complete control of the dream stuff can be very powerful. However, one should not pay attention to negative things. Devotion is the safest road. By having devotion and love for God we can create a safe, fenced road which will take us where we want to go. With the help of astral thoughts and astral form, we can change our physical life, draw more energy and benefit a lot.

The dream world should be under our control. It will be a good practice for all of us to correct and guide our emotions, to think in a positive way all the time and to create a very beautiful magnetic field, so that people are helped and find peace and freedom from fear.

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