The Nature of Existence

Death is as natural a thing as losing a tooth. We are born to die. We are not born to live. Good health should be aspired to,but not necessarily a long life. Gita mentions that, even as when a child turns into a youth and a youth changes into a man, the mother and father do not grieve, similarly we should not grieve when the soul leaves this body to go to another body. One should welcome it rather than be sorry. One must accept death as a normal course of life.

Nobody can escape death. Then why does it not occur to people to prepare themselves for death? There need be no fear of death. When it comes, we shall deal with it.

Kabir says, “Earth goes back to earth, the body goes back to the five elements. The breath or the soul goes back to its own source.” Who has died? Death is a transformation. You are going to acquire a new and healthy body. When you transcend one state of existence and go to another, be happy rather than sorry. Rejoice as at the birth of a child. Do not grieve when the soul leaves the body. Everybody’s duty is only to realize the knowledge of the Self. Who dies? Who is living? Who is that being who enjoys and suffers? That being is never dead.

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