The Nature of the Mind

Mind is like the youngest child of the soul, the spoilt child of the soul. Mind wants this and that. It has so many desires. Sometimes you feel that the desire of the mind is the need of the body, but we should analyze this. Is there a fixed standard for the needs of the body? You may supply more and more, but still “needs” become more and more. You always desire more clothes than the body actually needs. Why so many colors? Why so many outfits? Does the body need them? No, the mind desires them. What are the needs of the mind and what are the needs of the body?

If you are satisfied within yourself then a few things are enough. If you are not satisfied within yourself then millions of dollars are not enough. Whatever you get in this world, is that enough? American people should be the happiest in the world. Why are they not satisfied? Our beggars in India, our poor people are always smiling. They are not bothered at all. They are content. There is no limit for mental needs. One can be very happy with a morsel or few things. There is a saying in Hindi that you may have elephants, cattle and many riches but may never be satisfied, but the greatest wealth on earth is contentment of mind.

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