The Source of Energy

Some thoughts on Fifteenth Chapter of Gita

All the Vedas, saints and sages speak of the Supreme Self which is residing in you too. Unfortunately, we often forget this and begin to believe that we belong only here on this earth and that this is our real home. This verse reminds us that we do not belong here, but that we have come from above. This world is like a huge tree whose roots are above and whose branches fall downwards.

Know this truth and then decide your actions. We want happiness here by promoting sensual enjoyments, but this is like watering the fruits or leaves of the tree, whereas it is the roots which have to be watered. We have to feed or improve our consciousness. If there are problems in the world, it is because we do not see the roots.

If we want true happiness and joy here, we must water the roots of the tree. We must try to know our real self. If we know this real self, mind will reflect that wisdom through its actions which will give us permanent joy and happiness.

How to control the mind? Gita says you must take the sword of detachment in your hand and cut the tree of attachment. If the unreal world is uprooted, you will know the real power, the source of energy, the source of joy and happiness.

Detachment doesn’t mean renunciation, taking robes of sannyas or going into the woods. It means leaving the problem aside, going away from it a little, seeing it from a distance. Worrying all the time about the problem, or being in the world, will not give you wisdom. Put aside for some time whatever problem you are involved with. This is detachment. Attach yourself with wisdom to the root and you will get fresh wisdom, fresh energy, fresh knowledge which you can apply to your problem.

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