The Two Opposites – Good and Evil

Struggle or challenge is life. If everything becomes very plain and easy we will not know our own selves. To know our own selves, to realize the glory of God, to realize the glory of life or to be able to see or know something, opposition and contrast are very important. In art also you use contrasting colors so that something stands out. Evil is the contrast where the good stands out. Artists call it highlighting.

Evil and good go hand in hand like day and night. If there is no darkness you will not value light. With the background of darkness we know what is day. Opposites are very important. In this world everything is in pairs.

Black and white were both together but something caused them to separate in the same way that a few drops of lemon in milk will cause it to split. God had turbulence within him which caused him to break into two. “Eko aham bahusyam” are the words of the Vedas meaning “I am One. Let me Multiply myself.”

If there is only one, who is the Seer and who is the Seen? There is only one truth but it must have two aspects. Every coin has two sides – head and tail. Good and

evil are one and the same. Yogis don’t find any difference between good and evil. Both are very important. Black ink is very important for white paper. How will you write on white paper if the ink is white?

Good and evil are one and the same. Both are very essential and both are needed. They are like brother and sister. I like the words Sur and Asur used in Indian Music which mean literally “in tune” or “out of tune”. The Divine Beings are called Sura (in tune) and demons are called Asura (out of tune).

If there are no opposites, everything will stand still. A ball cannot roll unless there is a push. Two aspects are needed for our growth otherwise we cannot proceed.

Society decides what is good or evil. We are all late-comers. The Vedas say that the path which has been paved by great people is our path. “Mahaajanaaha ye gataaha, tey panthaaha.” We follow the pattern of society. We adopt the language, customs, religion, dress, eating, drinking of our society. Already certain rules have been set that this is good and this is bad. We have no choice. We follow the pattern of our parents, our school, our church, our culture and our traditions.

There are five eternal values that will never change:

Truthfulness. Be honest to yourself and to others. This will bring you closer to your soul. Truthfulness breeds love. Love is energy which makes you do things very happily. Energy flows through those who have real love. Those who are full of ego also have energy, but they can’t use it for good things. Love is the source of energy. It is like the spout of a tea kettle. Unless there is a spout the tea can’t come out of the kettle. There is tea but it can’t come out. Without love, truth cannot manifest. It manifests in the form of energy and direction. If there is love within, you know immediately what to do.

Not coveting the possessions of others

Not hurting anyone. See your own soul in others.

Mental cleanliness.

Seeing the needs of others.

Evil is misdirected or unused energy. People become criminals because they have not received the right attention and instructions at the right time and their energy is manifesting through a wrong channel. If they can ever be turned towards right things they can do tremendous good for society because they have a lot of energy which they are using in a wrong way. We have to set an example so that other people are inspired. We can help each other and enjoy together. We can do things together to make the world a better place to live in.

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