The Two Sides of the Coin of Success

Life’s goals should be based on the Vedic Wisdom, which I adopted in my childhood:

Satyam Vad : Dharmam Char.

Speak the Truth and act honestly.

Setting a goal in life is important for everyone. The Mission of my life is: To test the Truth of Divine Wisdom spoken and handed down by tradition by the ancient seers of India:

ti sushruma dheeraanaam:

Life is given to explore the Ultimate Reality, whatever it may be; besides learning the skills of survival.

Truth has infinite or millions of dimensions and faces. All dimensions or versions are equally true, in relation to the purpose of life and suiting the need of Time, Mind and Space known in Sanskrit as: Desha – Kaala – Mana. My target was and still is to: Bring Sat-Yuga in daily life. Or Bring Heaven on Earth.

To admit Truthfully, I realized that I could not change the whole world or the lives of people, nor did I wish to. I like the freedom of people who are free to explore the limits of the horizons of Truth for themselves, make their own choices of life and be always prepared to face the consequences of their own actions. The Laws of Karma are eternal Truths. Saint Tulsi pronounced it in beautiful words in Ramayan:

Vishwa pradhaan karma kari raakhaa.

Jo jasa chaahiya tas phal chaakha.

In the Bible a sweet phrase expresses the same: “As you sow, so shall you reap”.

It tells a lot in a few words. Those who wish to experience the beauty of life should cultivate the virtues of Truth, Love, Hard work and Discipline to achieve their Highest Goals of Life.

Sat yuga means the age of truth. A golden age of truth where everyone achieved what he wanted. Truth is my God and Religion. Truth means honesty of a high quality. Where truth reigns, everything is well all the time.

This world is named by the wise as “Karma-Bhoomi”, a world of inter-actions. Without doing, nothing can be achieved. Mind is the motivating energy behind the limbs. Actions follow the dictates of the mind. Truly, where there is a will, there is a way.

My legacy, my message to all is be honest, work hard and love and oblige people as much as you can. Do good, be good, think and speak good all the time. What one can do is a part of human religion. What one can not do, one should forget about.

Everyone is always free to change his/her own life for good. The True message of Yoga is: ‘Improve your self’. That will be the greatest contribution to the world. If all become good, crimes, mistakes, sorrows will be less. Children and youngsters need role models to feel inspired to improve themselves. I have realized that an honest living and action definitely leads one to the golden steps of the Temple of Divine Wisdom.

The world is connected by speech. Communication is an important tool of progress and success. Ninety percent of the problems of the world can be solved by adopting a right frame of mind and a proper way of communication.

Satyam is truth. Vad means to speak. If mind is honest it will always say the right things. Where there is Truthfulness, a fountain of Love flows in. Love has the energy of a volcano. True love generates energy. One can work endlessly without feeling tired.

A really joyful mind knows no limits. The moment mind comes back to ego or self consciousness, one will feel tired. This might have been the reason why a disciple of Lord Christ could walk over the water as long as his mind was focused on God hood and Divinity of Christ. The moment mind returned to his ego consciousness, he went down into the water.

To perform this feat physically is impossible for me, but it gave me a wealth of inspiration. It did inspire and made me aware of the various intricacies of mind’s behavior.

Mind control should be practiced little by little in daily chores of life. Patanjali Yoga Darshan is a book on Mental Science which should be studied and practiced by all intellectuals. If one really or whole-heartedly wants to do something, even God will not stop him or her. The Truth is that God resides in each and every heart in a miniature form. All are children of God.

Differences of words, thoughts, emotions, likes, dislikes and millions of ideas weave the beautiful texture of the world carpet. It is the conflict of ego that is fighting all the time within and without on personal, national and international levels.

God has a wonderful device to keep us all apart and busy. Play with time, mind and space. Ample room granted individually and collectively by Mother Nature or God is a blessing. Life would be boring, if we had nothing to disagree about.

The other side of the coin of sure success is executing thoughts into actions to realize the dreams of life. Life becomes more dynamic if one keeps ones promises made to oneself and to others.

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