The Uses of Adversity

Who brings a child into the world? It is something Divine – not the parents. So many people want a child but cannot have one.    Why are we here?  It is because we wanted to come here.  We ourselves are responsible. We must have made efforts to come to earth.   Parents were used to bring us here.  We get the karmas we deserve.   If the mango is not sweet, it means the seed was not right.

 Whatever circumstances we are in are divine.  Adversities are our tutors.  When the edge of the knife is dull we need a sharpening stone or a whet-stone. We have to sharpen our edge. Adversities are here to teach, to remind us. They are a shout to attract our attention.  If a little sickness comes to us it is a warning that we are doing something wrong.  If there is no adversity, we will never learn anything.  Learn best from all situations.

 There is planning in diversity and adversity. We must learn that language and know that it always helps us.  If there are no differences we will not see anything.  If there are no different colors it is not a picture.  If white is on white, how can we see it.?

 One saint wrote: “Welcome all the unhappiness because it reminds us all the time of the nearness and existence of God. We know that we have no help except God. If I have luxury but it is taking me away from the Lord, I do not want that kind of luxury.”

 If we remember the grace of God, everything becomes very light. We get intuitive knowledge. We feel there is a way.   I always had a feeling, that whatever troubles we receive there must be a way out.  When God gave us hunger, he also gave us fruits, water, and food. God gave us life. He created air before our birth for us to breathe.  When God is so merciful and has made a good arrangement for our living, we should thank God for giving us life.

 If we have harmony within ourselves, we will spread harmony all around us.  No matter where we go, we can generate that harmonious vibration of love and truthfulness so people can trust us.


Ma Yoga Shakti July 2000


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