excerpts of a lecture by Ma Yoga Shakti 1986

The scriptures have mentioned that there are two paths.  One is the sensual path or Preya.  The other is the path of wisdom or Shreya, which brings everything to the tips of your fingers.  What seems very attractive in the beginning may be bitter in the end, and what seems bitter in the beginning may be sweet at the end.  The scriptures warn us of this.  This is the wisdom you must learn.  Will what seems to be truthful, very loving at this moment, be truthful, loving and good for all times?  You have to judge it.  Thinking about this is called Viveka.  If your feelings change from moment to moment then it is a temporary phase, it is not an ultimate reality. It is not truth.  Shreya means truth, that which is eternal, that which will never change.  It will never leave you, it will never deceive you; it will always keep you happy, healthy and joyful.

What is truth and what is untruth? What is a lasting truth and what is a temporary phase? If it is a temporary phase it will come and pass away.  We have to learn this distinction.  There are four steps for learning this: Viveka (discernment), Vairagya (desirelessness), Sadachar (right conduct) and Mumukshutwa (an intense desire for enlightenment).  I have explained the first step to you which is learning to discern.  In a simpler way I’ll say give priorities.  What should be done first and what should be done last?  What should be done more and what should be done less?  This wisdom should come first.  Anything that is needed that is done at the right time is good.  Anything given that is not needed is of less value, no matter how valuable it is.  These things we have to learn.  This is the first step.  Practice it.  Think well before doing whatever you do.

Be truthful to yourself.  If you are truthful, honest and really trying then even if you make a mistake it will turn out right or good.  There is nothing wrong or nothing right, all is utilized for something good.

Even being hurt can be beautiful because it opens your heart.  Apparently on the surface it seems to be hurting, but it is beautiful and good.  There is a goodness behind everything but at times you cannot perceive it.

I wish you all the best in 1986 and let discernment or Viveka be practiced and promoted by your whole-heartedly in this New Year.

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