Everybody must learn how to earn his bread and also something more. The spiritual conception says that the greatest wealth is the five elements of nature. The sky, air, fire, water and earth are the wealth of mankind. We cannot live without them. Whatever wealth we produce comes from these five. We only learn how to blend them.

Dollars are only a medium of exchange. We get mental satisfaction from having dollars in the bank but we actually use only what the body needs. Even if I have a big mansion with seven bedrooms, I still only require five or six feet in which to sleep. I cannot use more than that. If I sit I require only a little space, but having a big house gives mental satisfaction. Man uses only as much as is determined by the laws of nature. He can only eat a handful; more than that cannot be assimilated by the body.

Dhanam or wealth is not neglected by spiritual beings or yoga philosophy. You must have enough to eat. There is a proverb in Hindi, ‘You need only that much which will keep you healthy and happy’. That is your share. However, if you have more you are doing charity in a disguised form. You may be providing jobs for others. If you start a business you are increasing the wealth of the country. You think wealth is yours but actually it is the nation’s and you are the custodian.

The first sloka of Ishavasya Upanisad says that every atom you see here is possessed by the Divine Power. So is it your wealth? You have the right to use and enjoy it, but don’t forget the Creator. Remember He is in each and every atom. Don’t be greedy. The moment you start being greedy and desiring more and more, you shall suffer. Wealth cannot be taken with you when you die.

You shall enjoy only that wealth which is meant for you. There is a popular saying in India that on each and every grain of rice which is meant for you, your name has been engraved. One who is meant to enjoy will enjoy. We are here to share all the wealth which belongs to Mother Earth.

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