What is the Purpose of Life?

Are we here just to eat, drink, sleep, marry and have children?

On the spiritual plane, we are born to enrich our consciousness. On the material plane, we have to be the best wherever we are. We have to be excellent.

The soul wanted to manifest and that is why we are here. The soul is glorified by the body. The soul operates through the mind, action, emotions and body. Through your body you have to perform divine tasks. Life is not a cheap thing to be wasted away. Every moment is a golden opportunity. Value your time and talents.

Learn to appreciate what you have. Feel it is a blessing. Make use of what you have. Don’t always be looking for what you don’t have. What is is best. God is good. God is gracious.

Your resourcefulness is your wealth. If you respect everything it is like gold. Everything is money. You must be very respectful and everything turns into ‘dhanam’ or gold. Money is only a medium of exchange but your talent, your resourcefulness is your wealth. Create something good and beautiful.

You have to do something noble to leave for the younger generation. There is plenty of work to be done. Learn to give. Use your money. Give it. Empty your bucket and it will fill up again. Milk left in the bottle will get rotten. The more you give, the more you will receive. Use your money for good things, charity, service.

Even if you have plenty, you do not have the right to laze or be self-indulgent. Sitting down doing nothing is not the ideal situation for life. You have to be alert and keep the body always agile. See to the upkeep of body, mind and brain. To avoid deterioration of the body you have to work. Mental and spiritual strength will come to you Keep on going. Keep on walking so that the younger generation sees you and gets inspired. We are not single. We are all connected. Everybody is responsible for the whole society.

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