World is Our Family

The whole of humanity is like a beautiful carpet. Many languages, many cultures, many religions are being woven together. All people are being brought together. We fly together, go to different restaurants, such as Italian, Mexican or Greek together. God is weaving a new flowered carpet woven of all the religions and cultures together. A Sanskrit saying is “Vasudev kutumbhakham” The whole planet of earth is one family of humanity.

If we have love we are all peaceful and we enjoy together. We have to enjoy together and share and care and participate in sorrows also. We are responsible for each and every thought wave that is floating in this universe or that we are creating. Consciously or unconsciously we are generating negative or positive impulses and we have to feel responsible. We have to change the environment by thinking right, doing right, speaking right.

History is also a part of ourselves. We are also responsible for good history and bad history. In a way we are all responsible for each and every event. We are one with the universe. We cannot separate ourselves from the Universe. Whether we are aware of it or unaware, we are a part. Just as every leaf is important for a tree. This world is one universal tree. We are all leaves in it. We are all a part of the radio active waves or impulses. We are not different. We are one with each and everyone without being aware of it.

One should not feel bad about any kind of past. We should not entertain the past all the time to harbor ill will. Ill will should not be harbored at all. After the 10th grade I lost interest in history because all that is gone. What is the use of repeating it? Take the best of the past and go ahead. Whatever you can learn from the past to improve your living and to enjoy your life, or which helps you and protects you on your way of tomorrow – that you should take. Study all the scriptures and take what you need.

Human weaknesses will always continue. When you hate someone, there is subconscious love for that. Hate is love. Love is hate. Both are mental waves. We need some amusement. We are bored with peace. We cannot enjoy this world and be happy all the time. I love problems because if there are no problems what will we do? Just sit idle? Problems are needed. They are the spice of life. God also needs to bring people closer to him so he creates some kind of natural or political troubles.

If you are truthful, sincere, honest and hardworking you enjoy each and every culture, each and every language and situation. I would like you to spread the message of peace and happiness everywhere. No matter where you are be joyful and bring peace on earth and bring joy to this earth.

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