YOGA – A Natural Pathway to Godhood

Yoga is essentially a spiritual approach concerned with the fundamental mental aspect of every human life. The word Yoga is of great significance. It is derived from the sanskrit word “Yuj” to unite. It means union or identification- The union of the Jivatma, the Individual Soul, with the Paramatma, the Supreme Soul, is known as Yoga. The aim of Yoga is to make the Soul recognize its true self. Every Soul is in reality the Paramatma but due to the veil of Maya or Spiritual ignorance the individual Soul appear. to be separated from God the Supreme Soul.

In the modern world of constant and continuous tensions, noise, hurry, insecurity; fear and loneliness, man seeks beauty, harmony and happiness. Being In constant tension and conflict, he is unable to perceive the true dimensions of life and to get a true perspective of his place In the Universe.

Beauty, harmony and bliss are all around us and within us but because of the agitations of our minds we cannot perceive them, if our mind can be relaxed and quieted it would respond to the beauty and harmony within and around us and we will find bliss everywhere.

Yoga is an experimental science as in all sciences new techniques are being constantly discovered by individual teachers and taught to their disciples. It is not a subject to be merely talked about.

The human personality has an infinite range of awareness, it can experience the totality of existence and be in a harmonious, happy blissful state, but in ignorance we choose to live on a very narrow limited plane of awareness made up of superficial sensations succeeding each other rapidly. This is the cause of all tensions and conflicts. We do not understand the true purpose of life and so we try to file it up with what we imagine to be pleasurable sensations

Thus our life continues to be a span of purposeless living. In spite of the research work carried out in the scientific laboratories and of the many new inventions made to promote, and attain happiness, man still remains dissatisfied and finds that the happiness he seeks is not within his grasp. Constantly man tries to avoid that which is painful, unpleasant and binding. Yoga is the answer and a definite cure for the two-fold problem of quest and struggle.

Yoga is neither religion of the Hindus nor renunciation. It is ‘the right way of life’ for all human beings, everywhere, at all times.

Ma Yoga Shakti

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