New York Ashram

The Yoga Shakti International Mission, or New York Ashram is a spiritual oasis nestled in the heart of Queens, NY, that was established by Ma Yoga Shakti in 1980. Everyone who enters through its doors immediately feels the peace and joy that has flourished there for over 35 years.

The Ashram is dedicated to Divine Mother Durga. The Devi Mandir is always open in daylight hours for devotees who wish to pray or meditate. Under the spiritual guidance of Ma Mokshapriya Shakti, Aarti is performed twice daily at 6:30 am/pm and all major Hindu celebrations are observed including Shiva Puja every Monday morning at 6 a.m. Satyanarayan Puja every full moon day at 7 p.m.

Monthly Workshops, Weekly Sunshine Lectures, Summer Retreats at our Retreat Center in the Catskills are ongoing. Hatha yoga classes are offered 10 times a week and are conducted in one of two studios maintained by the Ashram Our classes are suitable for all ages and levels of experience. Our instructors are sensitive to the needs of each person and adjust the exercises accordingly. Students get as much individual attention as they need and are encouraged to recognize their own limits.

All are welcome to visit, meditate in the temple, join the classes or volunteer their service in a sacred and peaceful setting dedicated to Divine Mother.

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