We can reach God through love and devotion. This is the most popular technique of yoga called Bhakti Yoga. If one loves, one transcends ego. It is overpowering. It excels all other techniques. Love of God unites you with the Deity. Sometimes it is hard to concentrate, to transcend the senses, but if you are engrossed in love it is easy to transcend the five senses. Devotion means unity. You become one with your Deity, one with your Beloved. Through love one can reach very high. It transcends time, form and sound. It is beyond all that. This supernatural love has nothing to do with physical things. This is transcendence of the ego, transcendence of the mind.

The test of love is that two souls, two hearts are united and they know each other without telling.True love establishes a psychic connection and one can feel the vibrations. If you remember your dear friend maybe you will receive his or her letter or maybe he or she will come all of a sudden. Pure love transcends all limitations. This path is sometimes easier for people to follow than Raj Yoga. With devotion one feels the presence of God within the kingdom of the heart. God’s kingdom is always in your heart. He lives nowhere except in your heart. May you illumine yourselves through devotion. Hari Om.

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