Peace and Happiness

Why are people happy or unhappy? A problem is not a problem if we know the relationship of the Seer and the Seen. Everybody is living in the same world but everyone acts and reacts in a different way even though we have the same experiences. Everyone pays attention in a different way to objects. If we can establish a right relationship between consciousness and the world or soul and body, we can be happy.

This is all explained in the Brahma Sutra, a great epic of wisdom written by Vyas. It is a very important book for Gyan Yogis. It says that you should practice those qualities which the soul has. If you conceive of happiness as a quality of the soul, start practicing it in whatever situation you may face. Always practice happiness (Anand mayo abhyasa). Never frown or fret or be unhappy. Gradually you will be in the habit of feeling happy and you will achieve that state of mind because you are generating waves of happiness in your consciousness which will touch everything that you come into contact with.

Wherever you are is the best environment for your learning and growth. One gets an environment according to his own needs. If you can change your environment, it means that you are meant to change If you can’t change it whatever is there is meant

for you. If you learn to appreciate the God -given gifts, you will grow faster within yourself. If you have Divine Vision you will see that even while living in the world all is meant for your inner growth. Even marriage and children are meant for your spiritual growth. Every circumstance can help you grow if you Understand it. These circumstances are mind expanding. Every stone can be a stepping stone .d every problem can teach you something. Whatever you have is for your spiritual evolution.

Adopt the attitude known as akand shanti vritti (incessant peace). Be stable in your mind and maintain this attitude in your heart at any cost. Every morning meditate on peace and you will find peace. If you seek, you will find; if you knock, it will be opened. Many of us do not get because we are not seeking sincerely.

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