Adhyatma Sandesh – A Spiritual Message

Message – Adhyatma Sandesh.

This pocketbook has fundamental principles of spiritual practices to transform the inner personality for higher spiritual teachings.




This pocketbook has fundamental principles of spiritual practices to transform the inner personality for higher spiritual teachings

The real Guru is within and the Divine Light radiates from the core of our personality. A great invisible saint whose medium I am, lived many years ago and it was He who gave me His vision as a guiding spirit in the early part of my life. His name in the unseen world is “Morya Deva.” Out of Love and reverence I call Him “Morya Devendra” or “Master M.” In 1949 I became aware of the task commissioned to me by the master. I cannot see Him directly but I can always feel His presence and power behind me. During my early life, my mind became fascinated by higher ideals and the transformation of my subconscious personality slowly set in. Thereafter I used to feel the presence of my master in my thoughts, words and deeds. For the benefit of aspirants, I would like to mention briefly a few fundamental principles of saadhanaa for spiritual evolution. These spiritual saadhanaas transformed my inner personality for higher spiritual teachings.

Divine Grace operates only when complete surrender of your body, mind and intellect takes place. Pray ceaselessly with devotion to the invisible Divine force to give you knowledge (wisdom) and make you the right instrument for the service of mankind. Practice moral values and ethical precepts for self purification and mental control. Constant repetition of the Divine name is a powerful spiritual force, which strengthens concentration. Prolonged concentration culminates in meditation.

Meditation is a continuous and steady flow of one particular thought of your ideal. It brings about the integration of personalities into one homogenous whole. Then one comes to experience a supreme bliss within and without.

Sit and meditate in the morning and evening at a fixed hour. Remember me in your thoughts for five minutes to establish a psychic link. The moment you think of me, the thought currents will travel to their destination. God’s love should be the guiding force in life. Love God in action. I will be with you always. I pray for your enlightenment.
Yours in pure love, Ma Yoga Shakti ….

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